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Bagel vs Biscuit Throwdown with The Grateful Bagel!

Updated: Jan 18

Bagel or Biscuit - which builds a better breakfast sandwich?

Cast your vote on two Saturdays in January, 1/13 or 1/20, 9am - 1pm when Urban Hearth hosts The Grateful Bagel for the Biscuit vs Bagel Showdown! Chef Darren Sylvin will bring his amazing NY/NJ style bagels and Chef Erin brings on her buttermilk biscuit game. Which sandwiches will win the day? Come enjoy a breakfast sandwich or two, plus brunch cocktails, spiked cocoa and more! Help us settle the score. Check out the menu...

Assorted Bagels with schmeres

Buttermilk Biscuits with butter and Jam

Bagel Sandwiches

Smoked salmon reuben | lacto-fermented beets | spicy onion and carrot slaw | dill havarti | beet greens

Feta whip | tomato confit | garlicky rapini | fermented hot sauce | microgreens

Biscuit Sandwiches

House cured bacon onion jam | fried egg | mustard frills | chevre

Chorizo roasted sweet potatoes | avocado | fried egg optional | spinach

You can preorder biscuits either baked or frozen from our online shop for pickup on either 1/13 or 1/20. Just make sure you select the date and time of your preorder before confirming. Preorder biscuits and other to go items here

Preorder The Grateful Bagels here

We'll see you at the throwdown!

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