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Urban Hearth Named in 34 Best Boston Restaurants on Time Out

Olivia Vanni

Mar 25, 2022

The 34 best Boston restaurants right now

What started as a supper club is now a charmingly tiny restaurant located just a short stroll from Somerville’s Davis Square. As chef-owner Erin Miller puts it, this place strives to be “whimsy and unpretentious”—a feat that it easily accomplishes with its elevated New American fare and casually chic space. Enter this intimate eatery—which immediately feels more like someone’s apartment rather than a restaurant—and you’ll find a weekly menu of hyper-local food prepared with purpose and a keen eye for balance. With a slightly European approach, the kitchen here (which is literally in the dining room) takes its time and places an emphasis on savoring the experience, so don’t expect a mad dash of a meal.

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