Celebrate Lunar New Year with Urban Hearth

Feb 1, 2022

On Tuesday February 1st, we're excited to host a dinner celebrating the Lunar New Year at Urban Hearth. Dinner will be served family-style, with a menu of our takes on traditional holiday recipes from China, Korea, and Vietnam, including a 10 vegetable pickle amuse, an array of fried and steamed dumplings, kalbi (korean short ribs), and dan tat for dessert!

We will be offering special craft cocktails, like an orange blossom gin martini and a bourbon drink based on SuJeongWa, a Korean cinnamon punch served during Lunar New Year. Beyond the celebratory food and beverage, we hope our guests will leave with a sense of the holiday's significance and traditions in East Asian culture. After the winter the industry has had, with new variants, unexpected closures etc.) Lunar New Year offers a time to celebrate life, our ancestors, and hope for a prosperous year. We would like to send guests home with a token of thanks called a hong bao, which are little red envelopes with some pocket change inside, traded between neighbors, family, and friends. We will also send along a staff-made zine, including some recipes, descriptions of traditions, and a short excerpt written by Ali's grandma, a first-generation Chinese-American historian from Nanjing.

Lunar new year is a special night for us as a staff and we are hoping to share our love for the holiday with our North Cambridge community!

This event is will be lead by two of our staff members, Ali Garvin and Tong Lee, both of whom celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families.