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Announcing 100 Mile Dinner collaboration with Chef Erin Miller and Chef Jason Bond

Jan 15, 2023

Join Chef Erin Miller and Chef Jason Bond for a 4 course tasting experience as they explore the bounty of hyper-local New England farms and fisheries.

In the deep, dark cold of New England winter, longing for fresh local produce is a common sentiment. For many of us, anemic fruits and veggies, trucked across the country will have to suffice. But there’s a bounty of excellent local produce, meats and seafood to be enjoyed, all within easy reach, if you know where to look. Join two of Boston’s lauded farm-to-table chefs for a unique dinner celebrating the bounty of New England winter on a hyper-local scale. Chefs Erin Miller of Urban Hearth and Jason Bond of Bondir are coming together to serve up an outstanding meal sourced entirely from within 100 miles. With a focus on storage crops, cold frame and hydroponics, preserved foods, and the extraordinary meats and seafood of the area, chefs Erin and Jason are cooking up a creative and memorable evening.

Chefs Erin and Jason will also film and share a companion cooking demonstration video for the event, including tips for sourcing and preparing local produce all winter long.

The Details:
$85 per person
Enjoy a 4 course tasting menu created collaboratively by the chefs. Guests also have the option of adding on a beverage pairing for $45 that will feature cocktails, mocktails, spirits and brews from the same radius.

Each guest will have an opportunity to interact with our chefs and learn more about how to cook with locally sourced ingredients.

Exclusive seats at the chef’s counter available.

First seating is at 5pm. Each table has a 90 minute limit, so don’t be late!

Event includes a complementary link to the companion cooking demonstration video.


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